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Blue Line Flag Sticker Decal

Blue Line Flag Sticker Decal

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Vinyl Sticker Decal

Size 6" X 3.15"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2530 reviews
Christian Mahnke
Hands Down Best Customer Service EVER!!

I LOVE my GatMags Flag Magnets. They are superstrong GREAT looking Magnets. I have the U.S. Flags on both sides of my 2021 RAM 1500 as well as the U.S. Air Force emblem magnet on my driver's side just before the door. And being that my truck is pretty close to USAF blue in color that emblem really stands out. I say Hands Down Best Customer Service Ever, because of my stupidity of not removing my magnets when going into a car wash, I called customer service to buy a set of new GatMags USA Flags and they sent new ones to me free of charge instead since I was a previous customer. I can't thank them enough. Best product, Best service, WONDERFUL place to do business with!!

Erin Alexis
These will forever be on all of my cars!

I absolutely LOVE these magnets! I love to show my love for America, but never wanted to put a sticker on my car. When I came across GetMags, I was definitely excited, but to be honest I was skeptical of how well they’d stay on. I read some of the reviews and everyone was raving about how strong they were without causing any damage to their vehicle. So I figured I’d try it, worst case, they would fall off. When I got them I knew instantly that these we’re going to be awesome! I put them on my car and was so happy with how good it looked! They are easy to take off, so finding the perfect location where they looked the best was painless and easy! The magnets hold incredibly well especially considering how easily I could take them off. I’ve accidentally gone through the car wash with them and figured they were for sure gone, and to my surprise they were both still attached right where I put them! However, I would not recommend making a habit of going through a car wash with them on, one other time I did that and I did lose one of them. People also compliment me all the time on them! So, what are you waiting for?!? Go get yourself some amazing American 🇺🇸 magnets, you won’t be disappointed!

Great magnets! Adds the patriotic swag I wanted!

These USA Flag Magnets look great on my truck! They add attitude and patriotism brilliantly!

Dean Perkowski
Best Ever!Great Customer Service!!!

Best customer service ever to deal with when buying products. I ordered the magnetic flags a while ago and somehow hit white instead of black. When I called to see what could be done, they sent me a free pair and told me to keep the white ones and pass them on which I did. I accidentally blew them off at the car wash and didn’t see that came off till it was too late.
I recently ordered another pair and one came off on the highway doing 90 so it must not have been on right, my bad! I called and explain and asked if I could buy just one and they sent me one for free again. I love this place I would always buy stuff and I recommend them highly .
2015 Silverado(Bradenton,Florida)

Great Magnets

I really like these magnets... they are on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler... I have not had any issues with them staying on the vehicle in the last 50000 miles. Now if I could get my submarine magnets to not be stolen, life would be great...